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Expedition Equipment

A variety of ways for you to explore


These small sturdy, inflatable rubber boats will enable daily exploration in the islands of the Galápagos. Our pangas are 19 ft. long, powered by outboard engines and easily carry up to 14 people. You will have both dry landings (step out of the panga directly onto land) and wet landings (step into ankle-to-knee-deep water and walk to shore), depending on location and conditions.

Glass-bottom Boats

For those eager to explore the underwater world of the Galápagos while staying dry, our glass-bottom boats offer a window to see coral reefs and endemic species of fish and other marine life.


One of the popular methods of personal exploration in the islands, our kayaks are stable and easy to master. You may choose to paddle solo or with a partner to explore the archipelago up close during guided excursions.


For an even closer underwater experience, snorkel masks and fins are available on your ship—as well as complimentary use of beach towels and “shorty” wetsuits.