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The Thinking Person’s Expedition

Created for curious, experienced travelers

Before You Go

We provide our guests with insight so they can get the most out of their journey, from destination-relevant filmographies that inspire wanderlust to recommended reading that informs and enlightens. We also provide advice on how to prepare for the journey, from packing advice to tips on adjusting to the higher altitude of Peru.

On Board

On your ship, we provide you with a curated experience that complements your time ashore, including lectures and discussions with expert Naturalists. Your Expedition Leaders and experienced crew specialize in the Galápagos, and they will provide you with daily briefings about your destination and an overview of the activities that will allow you to explore the islands via panga, glass-bottom boat, kayak, snorkeling or hiking.

On Shore

We handpick each member of our team—from the best Naturalists, who will lead you on an intimate experience ashore in the Galápagos, to your Peruvian Tour Directors, who will guide your land exploration during the journey. And only The Viking Way® offers Privileged Access, Local Life and Working World experiences, opening doors to places otherwise difficult to visit.