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10 Ways to Explore Like a True Viking

“If you’re fascinated by these larger-than-life legends—or just want to visit their home countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden—the best place to get in touch with your inner Viking is on a Viking cruise. Like its namesake, the Norwegian-born ships are all about travel, exploration and new experiences.”

What a First-Time River Cruiser Should Know

Every room has a view. You will not get seasick. You can completely unplug, or stay connected with complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi. These are just a few of the things you should know before your first river cruise.

Did You Know?

The world’s leading river cruise line is also rated the world’s #1 ocean cruise line.

Poached Salmon & Cucumber Salad Recipe

Simple but sophisticated and with a clean, fresh taste, this meal is a perfect way to start the year. Viking Chairman, Torstein Hagen, enjoys it so much he often states that he “could eat it seven days a week.”


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