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How to Make the Best Sandwich, the Danish Way

Smørbrød is an open-faced sandwich consisting of buttered rye bread topped with various combinations of cold cuts, cheeses and garnishes. And while that may sound simple enough, there is a culinary art to this Danish staple that is absolutely worth learning. At the Copenhagen Cooking Class, start by making traditional rye bread, then create a variety of seasonal and traditional toppings, and finally, discover the proper way to build your sandwich—the correct order and combination of toppings must be strictly followed to be considered a real smørbrød!

Asparagus & Polenta with Truffle Dressing

Delicate asparagus peaks in the spring. Take advantage of its seasonality by combining it with polenta, poached eggs and a dribble of delectable truffle oil.

Down the Danube: 6 Cities to Delight Every Traveler

From small Passau, tucked between three rivers in Germany, to the grand boulevards of Vienna, lined with architectural gems, one week along the Danube will deliver some of Europe’s most charming destinations.

The Almost Nearly Perfect People

If you can pick only one book to read before your Viking Homelands ocean cruise, consider this one. Go behind the myth of the Scandinavian utopia with laugh-out-loud humor and brutal candor.


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