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NASA Astronaut Names Fifth Viking Ocean Ship

On June 14, 2018, our fifth ocean vessel, Viking Orion, was officially named during a spectacular celebration in Livorno, Italy. As the ship’s godmother, American chemist, physician and retired NASA astronaut Dr. Anna Fisher offered a blessing of good fortune and safe sailing for Viking Orion—a naval tradition that dates back thousands of years. In keeping with the naming custom, Dr. Fisher also used a historic Viking broad axe to cut a ribbon that allowed a bottle of Norwegian aquavit to break on the ship’s hull. Welcome, Viking Orion!


A Sample of Soviet Life

One hundred years after the Russian Revolution, kommunalka (communal apartments) remain an enduring symbol of how St. Petersburg went from the Russian Empire’s grand capital to the heart of a communist revolution.

Poached Salmon & Cucumber Salad Recipe

Simple but sophisticated and with a clean, fresh taste, this meal is a perfect way to start the year. Viking Chairman, Torstein Hagen, enjoys it so much he often states that he “could eat it seven days a week.”


When a Viking Longship feels like home and the staff feels like family, there is no more welcome sight after a day spent exploring Europe! Tag along with Viking travelers as they share what they are experiencing around the world today.


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