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Uncover the Fabled Schwarzwald

Good news for our curious Hansels and Gretels—there is no need for bread crumbs on this odyssey into the forest! Find your way through the legendary woodlands that Grimm tales are made of when we help you make the mystic Black Forest, or Schwarzwald (“schwarz” black, “wald” forest), the backdrop for your next German escape.


Every journey needs a respite. Call on the guest-favorite Explorers’ Lounge for a moment of relaxation before venturing off to see what other Viking voyagers are experiencing today.

Visit the Filming Location for Downton Abbey!

Take your Downton Abbey love a step further and visit Highclere Castle, the filming location for the motion picture event of the year!

Savor Sweet Endings

Not ready to say bon voyage to your most recent travels? Delight your family and friends with a few sweet treats from your favorite destinations.


An Ocean of Memories Await

Your next journey begins with a single step. Follow along for an insider’s perspective on special offers, dream destinations and more!