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Saltstraumen: Where Norway Whirls With Wonder

Breathe in the salty spectacle of Saltstraumen, where the water from two fjords merge and swirl to form the world’s most intriguing natural phenomena. Witness the Saltstraumen maelstrom on your next voyage through Norway In Search of the Northern Lights.

Towering Twin Spires Mark Cologne’s Spiritual Epicenter

At the geographical and spiritual heart of Cologne stands the majestic Cologne cathedral. Discover more about why this centuries-old architectural masterpiece is a must-see during your next German getaway.

Take a Dip in a Rain Forest Gorge

After a scenic, off-road drive to Dominica’s Trafalgar Falls, tip toe through lush forest to discover hidden cascades after a swim in Ti Tou Gorge, a natural plunging rock pool used as a film location for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

Apsara Dance: The Embodiment of Grace

The spirit of Angkor Wat’s dancing deities leaps to life in the angelic performance of Cambodia’s Apsara dancers, a graceful group with a cultural dance style dating back to the Khmer Empire of the 7th century.


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