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Explore Landscapes of Beauty and Culture

Set sail on one of Europe’s best-loved rivers and let the spectacular scenery of your Rhine Getaway unfold before you. From the latticed canals of Amsterdam to the picturesque cobblestone streets of Basel, explore the charm of a new port each day and the various vineyards, grand cathedrals and fortresses along the way.

Krumkaker, A Hagen Family Recipe

Brighten any holiday spread with the Hagen family’s take on traditional krumkakers—light, crispy wafers typically made in a cone shape. Delicious on their own, fill these Christmas favorites with whipped cream for an extra rich treat.


Celebrate merry occasions in between quaint European ports. See what Viking voyagers are experiencing today and share the joys of exploring together.

Share World Cruise Views

Tag along with world cruisers this week as Viking Sun makes her way to the southern tip of South America, passing through the “Penguin Capital of the World,” the Falkland Islands.


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