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Avignon’s Bridge to Nowhere

Avignon may be well known as the “City of Popes” for its participation in the 14th century Papal uprising, but the peculiar landmark Pont d’Avignon—or the bridge to nowhere—is what truly inspires the mind to travel back into the depths of regional French history. Originally meant to span the width of the Rhône, efforts to rebuild the bridge to its 22 arches halted long ago, leaving 4 hauntingly beautiful monuments to the past. Wander in wonder through Provençal landscapes and add this UNESCO World Heritage Site to your European travel milestones.

Fill Your Winter Calendar With Culture

Feel like a Viking explorer in your own city with our curated calendar filled with local delights for you and your culturally curious loved ones this winter.


Make time for snowmen in between storied destinations. Tag along with Viking travelers as they share what they are experiencing around the world today.

Discover Classic Caribbean Isles

“I have to say everything was pretty much top notch. The customer service is outstanding.” — Richard and Kathy. Set out to become a West Indies Explorer and let us spoil you along the way.


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