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Paint the Perfect Day in Vernon

Ease into this charming provincial town for an impressive portrayal of 11th-century Gothic architecture framed by scenic French countryside and the magnificent Seine. Choose to visit Monet's lush green gardens of Giverny, the chalky white cliffs of La Roche-Guyon, and more; the colors on Vernon's palette are aplenty—as are your options to explore. Witness France’s Finest, and create a masterpiece all your own.


Is there anything better than tropical views with a side of Caribbean breezes? Get inspired by your fellow explorers and join in as they share lasting memories today.

Bring the Flavors of Norway to Your Home

Tender, delicious and packed full of savory spices! The Norwegian-Style meatball is one of Norway's favorite comfort foods with many of the traditional recipes shared through generations. Add our classic recipe to your next family gathering. You can even say it is your own...your secret is safe with us!

Films to Fall For

Before you set off on your next unforgettable voyage along the Romantic Danube, get an intimate look at a few of the destinations you will meet along the way. Our curated filmography is the perfect introduction.


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